What Is Car Wraps, Why Is It Made


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Owning a vehicle has become the biggest dream of today's people. Even though vehicle purchases are getting easier, it is getting harder to find a suitable and favourite vehicle for you. New applications have been put into effect for this. For example, did you know that you can even increase horsepower by updating your old car's software? Or, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your current car, you can take a look at the vehicle coating processes. We offer services to give you the most accurate information about this.

  What is Vehicle Coating?

  If you are satisfied with your vehicle but it is starting to seem commonplace, you can start with colour change wraps. For this, you can make vehicle wraps, ie car wraps. Vehicle wrapping is a very simple process. The feeling of refreshing your vehicle will satisfy you with the change of colour and appearance. At the same time, you can eliminate minor damages and scratches on your vehicle in this way. Vehicle wrapping takes place by covering it with a substance we call "foil". In the foil coating process, the most important point is the service selection. If you go to a novice service, unwanted views may occur. You can see our work and services by visiting www.egiappsinc.com. At the same time, before covering your vehicle with foil, you should definitely check what the necessary equipment is and the competence of the equipment in the service you take. You can make car wraps by explaining the colours and arrangements you want, or even specifying if there is a pattern you want. The staff that you will be coating with should have sufficient experience. The necessary machines and special adhesives must be of high quality.

  In Which Situations Can I Have Vehicle Coating?

 Only you can determine in which cases you will have vehicle wraps. Sometimes, foil coating is made to protect against bad weather conditions, and sometimes colour change wraps can be made just for a change. At the same time, acid rain or sun rays cause a lot of damage to the car. The coating can also be applied to protect it from these damages.

  What are the Disadvantages of Vehicle Coating?

  Vehicle coating has no disadvantages. Only the service and workmanship to be chosen are important. If done by inexperienced personnel in a fake way, the interior and exterior colours of the vehicle may be different. Or, the colour of the car can be seen under the coating if attention is not paid to places that need attention. The coating is a very advantageous choice.

  How Many Years Can Vehicle Coating Be Used?

  The answer to the question of how many years the vehicle coating is used varies according to your use and purpose. If you use it with care, we can say that it takes an average of 10 years depending on natural conditions. But if you have an accident or live in bad weather for a long time, it will take less time. Likewise, if you behave more carefully, you can use it for more than 10 years.

  What is the Vehicle Coating Price?

  A vehicle covering price is calculated according to exchange rates since it originates outside of our country. This price varies according to the model of the car, the thickness of the coating and the size of the car. To give a rough price, it can vary between 3000-6000. Of course, cheaper applications also speed up the deformation process of your vehicle.