Wall Graphics And Windows Graphics Art


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Wall Graphics is a kind of wall covering art. Also called vinyl or fabric wall stickers. It is used for space arrangement, workplace designs, advertising, and decoration. Partial cutting or full coating can be made in Wall Graphics varieties. It is easily configured on the wall with squeegee or tape strips. In addition, the adhesive used to remove it from the wall is specially designed. It can be removed with a simple operation without damaging the wall.

 Wall Graphics models are presented in a fairly wide framework. These;

 Foundation Wall Cuts

 Basic wall sections are the most preferred type among Wall Graphics models. It is generally used on both walls and windows by business and venue owners. These wall graphics with different cuts are very simple to make.


 Artistic wall paintings, which were made with painting in the past, are now made with printing and graphic techniques. These pictures are used as decoration by covering the whole wall. But today, companies are turning to wall paintings for advertising purposes.

 Vinyl Stickers

 This type of subtraction can be made in many different shapes and sizes. Small sizes should be preferred due to the possibility of damage such as tearing and stretching. It is generally used in individual or corporate areas. In addition to one-time use, it is available in models that can be used continuously with the help of a special adhesive.

 Traditional Stickers

 They are wall graphics created from PVC plastic. Vinyl is cut in one color with a cutter or laser. The embossed or three-dimensional features can be added. Thus, the wall graphic turns into a visual feast.

 Block Cut Vinyl Graphics

  Vinyl wall graphics cut in blocks can be applied in different models. It can be easily mounted on any surface, whether metallic or shiny or as a sparkle or effect. Block cuts are used on large stickers.

  Fabric Wall Graphics

  It is an ideal option for intricate or large detailed murals. It is applied to the wall by printing on a finely woven fabric.

  Window Graphics Window Graphics

  Window Graphics is also one of the wall graphics types. Unlike the walls, these graphics, which are made entirely on windows, are generally made in the form of text or images in order to bring the brand to the forefront, to advertise, to gain prestige. The usage areas of these designs, which can be applied to all glass areas, are quite high. E.g; They are unique designs made for offices separated by glass partitions, shop windows, or glazed entrances in buildings. This type of sticker is usually easily adhered to the inside part of the glass in order to increase its durability. Window Graphics types that are cuttable or printable are usually created by cutting vinyl or shape. It can also be designed as a print without the need for any cutting. When it comes to printing, a complex or detailed design can be created. Window graphics can also be used for decoration, just like wall graphics.