Vehicle Wrapping- Subtleties of Car Wraps Process


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One of the most preferred works in the product promotion and advertising industry is the application of car wraps known as vehicle wrapping. Vehicle Wrapping plays an important role in product or brand promotion in terms of highlighting features that require experience and are remarkable.

 How to Make Vehicle Wraps or Car Wraps?

 The process of car wraps, known as vehicle wrapping or vehicle wrapping, has recently come to the fore as an application used by many political parties in elections, as well as for advertising and promotional purposes. It also enables some companies or mobile organizations to advertise and promote in a simple and easy way.

 In addition to all these applications, it can be preferred only for changing the vehicle colour. With its paint protection feature, they help protect the original paint and colours of the vehicles. Vehicle wrapping process; It is made with transparent or coloured protective foils or by covering the vehicles with glossy or matt foils with high protection properties. Respectively; external controls of the vehicle, correction of faults and accident defects such as bumps, blisters, removal of emblems, doors, mirrors and necessary parts, cleaning and detailed cleaning of the areas to be coated and the entire vehicle from dirt, dust and mud, making finishing touches with special solutions and materials, Paint protective operations and car wraps are applied in order to provide convenience when it is required to be removed in the future.

 Vehicle Wrapping Process and Wondering Questions

 Many questions are asked about this process, which is used and applied in many areas. At the beginning of these questions is the question of whether the original paint of the vehicle will be damaged or not; However, car wraps are a product known for preventing the protection of the original paint, ageing and fading due to external factors such as sun, snow, hail and mud, when the vehicle coating process is applied with an experienced process rather than damaging the paint.

The question of how many days this process will take is also one of the most frequently asked questions; Vehicle wrapping application, colour change wraps, known as car wraps or colour change application, can take between two and three days depending on the process and the size of the vehicle.

 The question of how resistant the products used are to external factors can be considered among the main questions for this application. While the special foil or coating products used in the coating are highly resistant to external factors, it is recommended to be cleaned in a short time after exposure to the acidic properties of bird droppings, wood resin and de-icing solutions.

There are also questions from customers regarding the reinstallation of the dismantled parts of the vehicles. For this process, it is very important to work with brands or organizations that have experienced staff. After the dismantled parts (doors, emblems, mirrors, etc.) are removed, they are measured, cleaned and installed in their places.

 Questions such as whether washing the vehicle after the coating of the vehicle or the colour change wraps stage of colour change will damage the closing process or how long is required. After this process, there is no harm in washing the vehicle, but it is generally recommended to wipe it with a damp cloth instead of washing it in order to observe swelling or opening within a week after the coating. In addition, it is considered important for the first demolition to be made by the coating company to correct any errors.