Vehicle Wrap So What is Car Wraps?


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 In recent years, one of the most preferred applications in the advertising industry and the advertisement industry is the car wrap process known as vehicle wrapping or covering. Since the vehicles are always visible and mobile, the coating process is primarily a process that requires experience and diligence. In addition to emphasizing visibility in the promotion of brands, it can also be preferred in terms of preserving the original paintwork of the vehicles.

  Vehicle Wrapping So What is Car Wraps?

  Vehicle wraps or color change wraps are known as color changing and are widely used. This method, which is generally preferred for advertising and promotion, has become the choice of those who want to change in line with their own tastes, who are bored with the original colors or exterior appearance or exterior design of their personal vehicles. It is the general name of the special process preferred by those who like change and who want innovation or to protect the paint on the body surface. This process, which is covered with a specially produced coating foil, is known as color change wraps or color change among the people. It is seen that some private institutions, political parties, or companies are widely used in mobile service vehicles. In addition to this process and applications, it can be applied to change the colors of the vehicles and to give a new and stylish appearance. This application, which plays an important role in the protection of the original paint, is a process preferred by private car owners or car rental companies in terms of extending the life of their vehicles.

  How to Apply Car Wraps?

  Vehicle Wrapping application; It is generally applied with a special and transparent or also a special colored protection foil. With an important feature such as paint protection, it is made by carefully covering or covering the vehicles with a glossy or optionally matt foil of the original bodywork color. In this, the implementation steps of the car wraps process are as follows;

 - Inspection of the outer surface and hoods of the vehicles: In case of any accident marks, bumps, swelling, swelling, it takes place in the first step for the repair and correction of errors or defects.

 - Removable parts of the vehicles such as emblems, logos, emblems, mirrors, and doors are dismantled and cleaned in detail.

 - The parts or areas of the vehicles to be covered and the entire vehicle are cleaned from dust, dirt, and mud in detail.

 - Necessary touch-ups are made with special care solutions applied to the vehicles.

 - Special paint protective solutions are applied to the areas where car wraps are made in order not to make the coating process applied to the vehicles difficult to remove or change in the future and to prevent damage to the special paint of the vehicle.

 - And the vehicle coating process is applied meticulously by experts in a way that does not create air bubbles.

   What are the Types of Vehicle Wrapping Application?

With the latest technology and widespread usage demands, this application is also developed with innovations. Manufacturers of foil products used in vehicle coating in this application area manage to reflect every new development to new products. One of the most important recommendations for the implementation of this process is to leave it in the hands of expert staff who follow all new developments during the design or production of the vehicles. Commonly preferred car wraps applications; Matte or glossy matte, metallic or multi-color, either silvery or disco, patterned materials, and chrome, fiber, and even velvet applications are highly preferred products.