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Every detail should be considered when designing workspaces. When it comes to making the most of the design privileges of this area, it is necessary to pay attention to some tricks. Decoration choices such as the color of the working area, lighting, and furniture placements are made with care. Controlling noise levels is a separate responsibility, especially if these areas are open to the public. Today, the breadth of space has gained importance in many sectors, especially large, small and medium enterprises, building owners, hotels, and restaurants. Because large areas can be made much more functional with different decoration applications. Businesses are reorganizing by renting open offices according to their workspace needs or the number of employees. The most common arrangement in open offices is glass panels. These panels provide a more active and sincere working principle while determining the area of ​​​​the employees. But privacy must be taken into account. Then Glass Finishes, that is, glass coating application comes into play.

 Glass Finishes Application

 Glass Finishes application is offered to you in many different options. These;

Frosted glass coatings with a foggy appearance that allows light to penetrate,

Satin glass coatings that add opacity and also have unique designs,

Reflective glass coatings with plain, transparent or colored variants with a metallic coating on one side,

Tinted glasses adjusted by design in rainbow tones such as red, yellow, green, and blue, as well as dark tones such as gray and brown,

They are glass film coatings where you can create original designs in line with your needs.

 Glass Finishes application, on the other hand, protects the privacy of your employees and offers a wonderful decoration privilege to the environment. This type of coating also provides both heat and sound insulation to the area. You can reflect your corporate identity to your customers in the best way by having your logo or unique designs glass-coated.

 Fleet Wraps Application

 Millions of companies and businesses around the world implement different advertising practices. Every small and medium-sized business seeks ways to overcome the competition in the industry. Although there are many different ways to do this, one of the details that take the competition to the next level is the fleet coating, known as the Fleet Wraps application.

 Fleet coverings are made of heavy-duty vinyl material. This material is of very good quality. Text and graphics are prepared for the fleet vehicles of the company according to the type, design, and needs of the advertisement. The full or regional coating is done on the vehicles with care. Thus, the vehicles attract the attention of potential customers while they are on the move. It is one of the unique ways to provide information about the product and service.

 The most common misconception businesses have about the subject is that coatings can only be made by large companies. However, Fleet Wraps can be applied to any type and type of vehicle. In addition, the price options are much more affordable than you think. Various sizes and types of coatings are available to meet the different needs of businesses.