The New Face of Advertising Boat Wraps & Bus Wraps


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Boat Wraps is a lower-cost way to update the aesthetics of your boat lining boat. It costs only one-third of the time to paint and maintain the boat. As a result, many people prefer vinyl siding simply because of its affordable price. Boat Wraps application brings not only prices but also many advantages.

 Boat Wraps Application Advantages

 Marine vehicles are much more expensive to maintain than any other vehicle. Elimination of all these costs is one of the advantages of the coating. In addition, the covers are the most elegant and comfortable way to sail safely. Boat Wraps application offers a rich range with the desired colour and design options. The company brings hundreds of different promotional options for its advertising activities.

 Foils that provide superior performance in salt protection are a resistant product. It extends the life of boats. It is also easy to maintain and clean. Foil wraps, which can be applied to all Marina group vehicles, also provide protection against scratches. This is the ideal precaution you can take against yellowing, traces of moisture or discolouration caused by moisture, sun and various influences.

 The stylish and sparkling appearance is always an attractive advantage in commercial boats, especially in bright coloured wraps. Custom wrapping options; There are wrapping options such as multi-coloured wrapping, camouflage wrapping or textured foil. It can be applied completely according to your taste.

Generally, marina groups in company-related colours and patterns are used. The boat is covered with promotional logo design, visuals and colour options. A unique concept can be prepared by evaluating different factors such as the type and capacity of the boat. In addition to pretentious colours, beautiful glitters, natural and simple models can be preferred.

Bus Wraps Application

Today, the coating applied especially to buses is made to promote special products or to increase brand awareness. The Bus Wraps app provides buses with a view of mobile billboards. It provides access to more people at a low cost. The application is designed for city buses, private buses or tour buses.

 Bus Wraps Application Advantages

 The idea of ​​using buses as advertising dates back to the early 20th century. Although it is not a new application yet, it has gained popularity today. In that period, while advertising posters were displayed on public buses, it was observed that the income level of the companies increased at the same rate. Buses passing through the city constantly attract people's attention and increase their interest in the brand. Naturally, this curiosity also creates the potential to become a customer.

Visuality, advertisement and type of advertisement are very important for people. The advertisements that appeal to the eye, that are not long-lasting and that are intriguing are always attention-grabbing. However, it may annoy people to see advertisements and promotions in unfavourable places. However, the Bus Wraps application in vehicle wrapping is a great choice, contrary to the bad advertising understanding. People pay attention to the design on a bus that they either unwittingly use or see while passing by.