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The vehicle wrapping process was previously generally used by large companies and organizations and by companies that provide mobile services. Later, it started to be preferred mainly in commercial vehicles such as taxis and minibusses. This process, which started to be applied to a different buyer after the wrapping process was applied to prevent the value of the vehicle from decreasing during the sale of the vehicle, has led to an increase in the number of companies that provide vehicle wrapping or color-changing services in order to provide both the external appearance and an aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

 What is vehicle wrapping?

 It is the general name of the wrapping process applied to the body surface with various processes and methods without interfering with or damaging the original paint or bodywork of the vehicle. It is a process that is applied in order to prevent external damages seen in the form of wear, fading, scratching, cracking, peeling, or spilling, especially and generally in the paint of vehicles. It is a process preferred by those who are not satisfied or bored with the color, appearance, design of the vehicle, or those who want to preserve the original paint of their vehicle and maintain its brightness, such as its original state. The names of these operations can vary in many areas such as car wraps, color change wraps, roof & accents wrap, boat wraps, bus wrap, fleet wrap, van wraps.

 What Is The Material Used In Vehicle Wrapping?

 The material used in the wrapping process, which is used in many areas, is very important and the most curious one is the type of material used or the material from which it is produced. This wrapping material, also known as a foil; Produced in the same direction as the tapes used in normal life, is one of the products we know as PVC and we know its durability. Apart from this definition, there may be variation in the materials they produce according to the demands of the manufacturers every day and the diversity of their usage areas.

  Things to Consider in Vehicle Wrapping

 Vehicle wrapping

 application types can be ex-factory or can be applied later by authorized services. For users who are considering wrapping for vehicles without original output wrapping application, it will be the smartest solution to get help from a company that provides service within the framework of experienced staff and quality service understanding with the right product selection after doing the necessary research.

  What Are The Types Of Vehicle Wrapping?

  The vehicle wrapping process, which has applications in many areas, is used in many areas from private intervals to commercial vehicles, from official or private institutions and organizations that provide mobile services, to the service and advertising sector.   They are named according to the purpose of use, the places of use, the vehicle to be applied and the local positions applied in the vehicles. Its low budget in terms of advertising and publicity costs causes it to be preferred and applied frequently; Covering vans or larger vans, known as van wraps, can be used to advertise and advertise in all coordinates and outside of the company in which the vehicle is used. To give an example according to vehicle wrapping usage areas; It is an application known as the roof & accents wrap process.

 This application is applied if it is not available in some factory vehicles or if it is desired to be changed later on-demand. These applications, also known as roof and accent wrappings, should be made with products of experienced and known brands and care should be taken in their application.