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Car roof covering is one of the most fashionable applications lately. These coatings are used especially for modification and protection. This application is called Roof & Accents Wrap. The Roof & Accents Wrap application includes not only the roof of the vehicle but also the side mirrors and rear wings. When it comes to the ceiling, many people prefer a matte black or glossy black finish. However, you should know that there is no colour and pattern limitation in the application.

Roof & Accents Wrap Application

The car headlining always gives an elegant and noble look. In addition, it protects both your privacy and your vehicle. The most important purpose of choosing the black colour is that it does not disturb the eyes and allows you to focus more on the body while driving. It is also always trendy.

 These coatings, which prevent exposure to sun and air, are highly functional. The coating is a great way to protect the car's roof paint from external influences. Roofs and rear wings are the areas where vehicles are most damaged. When you protect these areas with the Roof & Accents Wrap application, you will also preserve the original paint of your vehicle.

Transparent vinyl ceiling coverings provide the advantage of protecting the roof of vehicles against fading from the sun, micro dents such as cones and twigs that will fall on the vehicle while driving under branches or. In addition, covering the roof will not decrease the value of the vehicle as it is in other modifications. It is just a style change as per your wish. It can be easily removed for any reason.

 Van Wraps Application

 Firms and businesses have the opportunity to promote in many ways within the scope of advertising activities. With these promotions, the company name is known more and more customer potential is gained. Thanks to this application, known as Roof & Accents Wrap, ie van coating, promotion can be done quite well with the advertising method. It also covers all types of vehicles.

This process is carried out with the type of foil produced as cast foil. The difference between cast foil and normal foil is; its flexibility, thinness and structure more suitable for metal. The cast foil product used in the coating is PVC. In this way, it affects the flexibility, grip and durability of the vehicle depending on the hot and cold factors.

 Van Wraps application has many advantages. Some of these;

 Protects the paint of your vehicle against external factors,

Provides sound and heat insulation to vehicles,

Provides institutionalism and prestige to your company's image,

It is a reflection of your corporate identity,

Elam Your advertisement goes anywhere with you at no cost. It attracts other people's attention and arouses curiosity wherever you go. In short, this application is the most convenient advertising method you can buy. The advertising you make on your vehicle is the most important promotion method that contributes to your promotion. Thanks to the coating, you can expand the customer potential of your service or products you sell. You also ensure that the consumer establishes an emotional bond with your brand. The intense demand increase in vehicle wrapping is proof of the benefits it provides to companies in advertising.