How To Dress Up Trucks And Trailers


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Full-color and colour-changeable coatings include vehicles, vans and trucks. Special vinyl stickers are also used for trucks and trailers. In this way, vehicles turn into signage and advertising vehicles. You can go for wide-ranging advertising applications with a design to expand the brand and dazzle the customer. Attaching company information as well as a dazzling design on it will be an application that adds credibility. With speciality wraps design applications made without damaging the vehicle paint, you can get a different look from the boring appearance.

  Can the Coatings Change?

  Do not worry if there is a place in your vehicle where we need to be repaired for any reason. You can make your vehicle look modern and add different experiences to your customers visually. Truck and van coatings are also effective to cover the appearance of vehicle scratches and dents. It also has the feature of preventing your vehicle from being damaged.

  Why is Truck and Trailer Fleet Wrapping Made?

  Many businesses in the world use different advertising applications. You can find an affordable way to reach the targeted audience with advertisements with fleet ad wrap. It can also be easily applied for heavy-duty vehicles. A trucks & trailers wrap design that is not forgotten when seen by graphic designers is realized. In this way, it has the opportunity to attract attention. It is very effective in promoting companies' products and services.

  What Are The Types Of Truck Fleet Wraps?

  There is a common misconception about fleet covering. This misconception is that businesses must have a fleet with many vehicles. The coating is made for these vehicles. It should not be forgotten that even if the companies are not big, they do not have hundreds of vehicles, but they are effective for promotion. Small and medium-sized businesses can also easily benefit from this application. Winding types are;

Full coating; It is the process of coating the entire vehicle. It is known to provide the maximum effect in terms of recognition. It is very effective for coating trucks and vans.

Partial Coating; It is the process of covering a part of the vehicle. It can be said to be cheaper than the full coating process. Partial coverage may result in the unnoticed promotion of businesses. It requires an effective graphic design process. You can get support from our graphic designers to get effective results for partial coatings through our company.

Spot graphic wrapping: a vinyl sign on a truck or trailer that is affixed to the side of the vehicle.

 Truck and Trailer Wrapping Prices

  Coatings are important applications for trucks, fleets, trailers and all vehicles. It is important that they have durable ingredients. You can get support from our company's staff for the coating prices offered with quality material content. The operations performed will vary according to the processes such as full wrapping, vinyl label, half wrapping. It is also important to know the number of vehicles. Graphic design processes are also important in applications made for advertising purposes.

  In line with all these services, you can get support on applications through our expert customer representatives. For price information, you can also benefit from the asking person after giving the necessary information.