How is Coating of Large Vehicles Best Achieved?


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The coating of the vehicles is always a very demanding job. That's why Egi Applications is one of the leaders still serving in this field. Egi Applications has truck and trailer wrapping services that make it a leader in this field. It also provides coating services for large vehicles such as all kinds of trucks and trailers. It does not only provide this service in a uniform way. All kinds of different types of coatings are always offered by Egi Applications.

 How is the Coating Service of Vehicles such as Trucks and Trailers?

 The area covered by vehicles such as trucks and trailers is large. Therefore, the coatings can be quite a lot. However, Egi Applications always provides this service. These vehicles are covered with a type of coating called Trucks & trailers wraps. Customers are always choosing to coat all vehicles. In other words, customers can coat their vehicles in any size they want. For example, instead of a full coating, only a certain part of the vehicle can be covered.

 The advertisement or company logo is also covered by the vehicle wrapping. This service is also offered under the name of trucks & trailers wraps. Egi Applications provides this service to its customers at affordable prices. Truck and trailer coatings are produced with the highest quality materials. In other words, its use never damages the vehicle surface and the original paint of the vehicle. It is always environmentally friendly. The natural colour of the vehicle coating does not merge with the vehicle colour. In other words, its colour is visible from the outside only with the colour of the coating. In addition, adhesive coatings do not remove or wear off the original paintwork of the vehicle. It does not reduce the market value of the vehicle.

 Special Coating Types

 Vehicle wraps are not only available in a uniform colour. It is offered in any colour and pattern desired by the customer. The cuts of the vehicle's coatings are entirely dependent on the customer's request. A small coating can also be requested. The price to be paid by the customers is also shaped entirely depending on this coating. This saves both time and money. Egi Applications always includes this service to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. It mounts the coatings that customers can always buy in the best way. Coatings have a very long life. It is completely covered with quality materials. In this way, the coating of the vehicle is not easily worn. There is no such thing as discolouration or discolouration of the dyes. Different patterns can be mounted with coatings called Specialtywraps. Speciality wraps coatings are always offered to customers.

  Easy Design And Fast Service

  When customers want to cover their vehicles, work begins immediately. Egi Applications takes the measurements of the customer's vehicle as soon as it arrives. Then, it is chosen what kind of coating the vehicle will be covered with. The coating, which is completely chosen as the customer wants, is cut to the size of the vehicle. After cutting, the bonding process starts immediately. Each service performed in addition to sticking is carried out very quickly. Thanks to the professional Egi Applications team, the customer receives the vehicle back as soon as possible. Egi Applications keeps customer satisfaction at all times.