How Does the Boat Coating Process Work


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For the boat wraps coating process, which is much more advantageous than marine painting, the appropriate preparation stage is carried out first. This is the key to achieving a smooth surface. First, surface preparation is required for coating. Estimation of the costs, when and where they will be done, are realized by clearly informing them through our company. It is an inevitable fact that it is a much more profitable investment than painting operations in terms of cost.

  Surface Preparation for Boat Coating

The boat wraps that face flaking and flaking without any damage to the paint are sanded.

Scratches, dents, defects and low areas are filled and sanded

The body and all surfaces to be coated, mould, swollen parts due to seawater are corrected with the help of silicone.

Cleaning the superstructure and body to prevent the surface from getting dusty again during application.

A final cleaning application is made to complete the entire surface preparation phase by removing the leather parts. Because the most important point of surface coating is the surfaces that are free from dirt. This point is very important in order not to cause additional costs.

 What Are The Suitable Conditions For Boat Covering?

 The decision to carry out the transactions indoors or outdoors is taken into consideration during the negotiations made through our company. It is very important in terms of space covering. If the application is to be carried out outdoors, the suitability of the temperature environment is sought as well as a slight breeze in the air. If an application is going to take place indoors, good lighting is important. Piers with the required height are created. After creating sufficient working space around the boat wraps, the procedures are completed.

  Is Boat Coating Made On Its Own?

  Of course, if you are a professional practitioner, you can preferably. However, our company strongly does not recommend individuals to do this application personally. Otherwise, you may face more costly results, so it is important to get support from our expert company and experienced staff.

  How to Cover a Bus?

  Surface cleaning is carried out at the maximum level by bus wraps. After that, the applications determined for the companies are put into practice by professional experts together with our graphic designers who are experts in their fields. The important thing here is design. It is important that the implementation, as well as the design, is carried out with a professional stage. It is recommended to have the specified design applications done by experts.

  Why Use Bus Coating?

  Whenever you stop in traffic or on the highway, your eyes will drift towards another vehicle. The coating, realized with a cool design, has the feature of attracting the attention of all eyes. For this reason, buses are at the forefront, especially in terms of advertising applications. It affects costs. Every fee spent for coating renews itself in a short time. Increases brand visibility, creates awareness. Due to their flexibility, they can be changed when desired. Vehicle protection feature is also an important detail. This ensures that the vehicle is not affected by sun and weather conditions. There are many options in bus coating processes. You can decide what is the most effective tool in our company.