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If you are tired of the colour of your vehicle, you can bring it back to life with the colour change. And without damaging its original colour in any way. Color change wraps that provide colour change are presented to you with many different alternatives. You can choose materials from matte, satin, shiny, metallic, brushed, carbon fibre and chrome coatings. In this way, your vehicle becomes the only one of its kind and attracts attention.

 Vehicle Coatings Today

Today, the vehicle coating industry is in a continuous state of development. The vehicles covered with the materials used in the design reflect all the sparkling colour of a quality paint job. In addition, it is both less costly and time-saving. Thanks to car wraps technology, the appearance of the vehicle are changed in a very short time. This does not affect the original appearance of the vehicle and allows a reversal.

Colour Change Wraps Advantages

Changing the colour of your vehicle may make you think. It is quite easy to achieve this change without spoiling its originality. It also brings many advantages. Does not Decrease the Value of the Vehicle: When your vehicle is painted, its value will inevitably decrease. However, the colour change wrapping protects the original paint from UV rays, scratches, paint particles, weather damage and contamination during the time you use it, and it does not lose value because it can be returned to its original colour at any time.

Minimize Cost: Changing the colour of the vehicles is very costly. In addition, the paints will be damaged and will disappear over time. Color change wraps are economical. It will also prevent the vehicle from rusting while also protecting it from sawdust.

Saves You Time: Painting and drying the vehicle is nothing more than a waste of time. However, you can get your vehicle in a short time by saving this time with vehicle wrapping.

Ease of Maintenance: It is necessary to clean and polish the vehicles to maintain their brightness. But this situation harms its original colour every day. When you cover your vehicles, you can prevent the deterioration of the original colour and reduce the cleaning and maintenance with only clean water and sponge.

Colour Selection Is Unlimited: Not being able to match the colour is still a deficiency when it comes to vehicle paint today. You can also choose certain colours within a certain limit. But your coating options are unlimited. In addition to the wide colour scale, you can offer your vehicle a unique look. Whether matte, satin, glossy or metallic, you can customize your vehicle with every option you can think of. Long-Lasting: High-quality coatings are always long-lasting. It is not affected by the sun's UV rays as much as the original colour of the vehicle. Conditions such as yellowing or fading are not observed. It will always maintain its colour quality. However, keeping the vehicle indoors extends the life of the coating. It is permanent for at least 5 years until you choose to remove the coating.

 Always Different: Car wraps are open to constant change due to their low cost and easy removal. This means that you can choose a different type and colour each season. You can even add another dimension to your vehicle by choosing textured coating types.