Car Wraps And Color Change


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One of the most preferred processes in the advertising and promotional industry is the application of car wraps, known as vehicle wrapping. In the vehicle dressing process, firstly, the appropriate staff is required in order to highlight the experience and remarkable features. The roaming feature and visibility of the product or brand promotion plays an important role here.

  Vehicle wraps or Car Wraps Application

 Car wraps or colour change wraps are the names given to the process of coating with special coating foils or colour change for those who do not like the original colour, exterior appearance, design and design of their vehicles or want to change for individual tastes. It is preferred by its feature that it enables some companies or companies or both official and private institutions and organizations that provide mobile services to advertise and promote them in the simplest and easiest way. In addition to this application, this process can be applied only to change the colour of the vehicle. Its paint protective feature makes it highly preferred as it also helps to protect the original paint and colours of the vehicles.

  How is Vehicle wraps Applied?

  A vehicle covering application; It is made with a special transparent or coloured protective foil or by carefully coating the vehicle with glossy or matte coating foils with protective properties. Car wraps application, respectively;

  - Vehicle external surface checks: Repair and correction of errors or defects such as accidents, bumps, blisters.

 - Removal of rigging, emblem, doors, mirrors and necessary parts

 - Cleaning and cleaning the areas to be coated and the vehicle from detailed dirt, dust and mud

 - Retouching with special care and solution materials

 - In the future, when necessary, the application of paint preservative solutions to facilitate the removal when necessary.

 - And finally, the process of dressing the vehicle is applied.

Quality Product Preference in Vehicle wraps

  In choosing quality products, it is necessary to know the content details of the products well. As the main elements; The first thing to be considered for vehicle wrapping and colour change wraps is to find a company that will apply quality and long-lasting problem-free product selection and an experienced car wraps process. Things to do for those looking for ways to get the best product for vehicle wrapping:

 -First, request to see the product invoice from the business that made the transaction.

 -Get information or search for the brand and model of the product written here.

 - Do not choose as much as possible from the brands of the side industry or countries such as China, Thailand, Korea.

 Do not forget to ask for a certified, signed official document or warranty certificate from the company you will have the coating application made.

What are the Types of Vehicle wraps Applications?

  Innovations made in line with the developing technology and incoming demands cause companies that produce Vehicle wraps products in this field to design and produce new products every day.

 Most preferred; In addition to glossy and matte designs, there are main products and colour options such as metallic, chameleon (called multi-coloured, disco), patterned, fibre, chrome or velvet.